Tuesday, February 8, 2011

end to end

A welcome gentle pain throbs in me.. such a spirited lover your muse releases end to end. to sooth the queen and friend you are. your smileing.. such a scent so shivered sent signs of something to embrace end to end..how close to an angel i fly whos fluids intoxicate and feed my free roots being..a love free swelling surge and more til my spirited lover returns.. til memories of your elegant flesh fade and your now flesh falls steady into my open press....so ready to back you. And make present our gift at great depths Our gift once again for spells and spells.. our gift end to end for stars to ahh and wonder at.

old poem i wrote for Lakshmi

Monday, February 7, 2011

Boxcutter Angst

Boxcutter Angst
Box cutter Angst. Round one: When I heard that box cutters were involved with the Hijacking of the planes in 9-11 I thought...To me Box cutters will forever be associated with terrorism...Symbols of terrorism...But what the hell is terrorism a symbol of... Frustration, Fear? I set out to understand the anatomy of a symbol. A symbol that’s given its value by association with an experience. Branding...Marketing Psychological warfare whatever you want to call it. But branding is also a Phenomenon in nature. Any experience or level of understanding can be recalled by connecting the experience with a symbol. A drawn sketch, an existing object or an imaginary beast. Or like the sun which creates a unique reaction in every life form that we know of. The sun gives light, light lets you see where you couldn't just before. The sun gives heat, Comforting wrap. The Father and mother of the bloom, the kiss of life, and the sun also gives the imagination a symbol to associate with the sunning happening. When confronted with any other experience that can be described as being similar to the experience the sun conjures, the sun symbol can be perfectly utilized and understood as a reference. Yes. and it's true that the sun is simply the son of the source of light which is archetypal and somewhat unconceivable without an understanding of the wisdom and power of metaphors.

Round two: It occurred to me that the crucifix was one of the worlds most influential symbols. What if it were edible? Would people know how to respond to the possibility of consuming such a powerful symbol? I can imagine it given me, personally, a sort of charge knowing that I now had the power to redefine the meaning of Christianity by consuming the symbol in meditation. Would I bite off the feet and pretend to be forever consuming perfection? would I vomit regret and shame instantly? I bet it could have any effect I wanted it to…consciously or unconsciously. Its all how you define and how much value you associate with the symbol. Lending your faith and will to the meaning of the symbol to some effect.

TKO: Terrorism cannot be defined. Yet we live in a world were many powers that directly influence the fate of the planet believe somehow that they must seek out and eliminate all “terrorism”. By defining terrorism in flux. Which can make for no dam definition at all. Anyone can qualify or absolutely not qualify as a terrorist if the definers are conmen. I wanted to give my people the power to redefine terrorism. By making an edible symbol of terrorism I hoped to create a magical tool to take back our right to give or take life energy to or from such symbols of fear. To create an opportunity to meditate on and redefine the definition of terrorism as we consume the symbol. The Box cutter wasn’t born as a Symbol of the complete bloody up heave and burn in the world. Its necessary for us to be reminded that it is our experience and will, not the media, that give weight to definition. The chocol8 box cutter is my gift to the world. A magical, tangibly rendered sigil that can be infused with all of your fears of little men with box cutters and body bombs on public transportation, then eaten and overcome. Engineering Culture... It's fun and educational.


Man's insanity is Heavens Sense

By the merest chance the ship itself at last rescued him; but from that hour the little negro went about the deck an idiot; such, at least, they said he was. The sea had jeeringly kept his finite body up, but drowned the infinite of his soul. Not drowned entirely, though. Rather carried down alive to wondrous depths, where strange shapes of the unwarped primal world glided to and fro before his passive eyes; and the miser-merman, Wisdom, revealed his hoarded heaps; and among the joyous, heartless, ever-juvenile eternities, Pip saw the multitudinous, God-omnipresent, coral insects, that out of the firmament of waters heaved the colossal orbs. He saw God's foot upon the treadle of the loom, and spoke it; and therefore his shipmates called him mad. So man's insanity is heaven's sense; and wandering from all mortal reason, man comes at last to that celestial thought, which, to reason, is absurd and frantic; and weal or woe, feels then uncompromised, indifferent as his God. (Moby Dick, chap. 93. New York: Signet, 1961: 396-7.)

smiling paper toothed Nemesis

It’s not the crush of the new world order that terrifies me. 

 It's the promised assassination of the unfolding future spirit of humanity, tickled by creature comforts then tortured by disillusionment, til broken soaked in fear blood and tremble, spangled in shriveling obedient oblivion, Fixed on fallen wings without even a moment of refocus to regret the romance with apathy, nor the momentum to battle the death rattle choking plea drenched I's in hydraulic appease...


 And the shame is all of ours to share. 


 The end of the world doesn’t bother me a bit. 

 In fact I intend to be the first to die in this apocalypse.  So it shouldn't bother you either, just watch me. 


The waters of chaos have risen to shock and cleanse a generation on its' knees. 

 One foot always blaming the other for not standing. 

Maybe cause the soul knows that a stand takes forever, maybe cause the soul knows fear buckles understanding.


Fuck Fear the diligent dictator of this illusion.

Fuck the mediated undebateable paces built to keep you information not informed.

Fuck the hate bound vision of the officers of peace transforming their working class trigger fingers into the shivering claws of power swollen demons preying on the profiles of future faultless youth asleep in the manger of Maya.

The reactors under pressure over react. 

The Poke paralyzing our spirits hard pressed to spout volatile.

Fueled by desperate unspecific anger. 


And the shame is all of ours to share.


The side effects of poisonous slurs, slipping through uncultured fangs, pumping pores with viral malice. 


 Homeland security the fascist fatass stuffed in the booty shorts of patriotism

 and it's not sexy. 

 But within each patriot is a riot with wings

and the imagination to entertain the possibilities of nurturing a global perfection, an Eden a heaven on earth.


Fuck that nobody’s perfect talk leading to that nobody’s perfect walk. Which leads to the persecution of the spiritually diligent. 

 That’s why we don't care for our spiritual people anymore.

Why artist starve and entertainers thrive. 

We'd rather medicate genius with chemical demons. 

The soulfully sane, the indios wisdom initiated, dictated by nature recorded in the wrinkled wounds of these ancient souls. served capsulated decay to silence to ghost within the soil of the soul.


I say fuck animal rights until there are human rights. 

 Fuck going to mars to search and research for the answer to a question that’s rich in our own blood. 

Fuck the Grammy’s Emmys and all Iconic weights added to the consciousnesses of the malleable masses seeking to be as real as this month’s reality fad. 


It's not that the history of humanity may someday be possibly erased by us or some other galactic street sweeping. 

It's the thought of losing our spirit, our essence to a smiling paper toothed fear and mediocratic nemesis. 

And yes muscles must be torn hearts broken, spirits crushed before new muscle, will and meaning are born.


But I won't wear fear and pretend to flourish. 

Because it's not the militarization of police in every nation serving the sinister intentions of the CIA at a mutilating pace defacing faith and infants to protect the interests of corporate beasts while bullets bash innocent flesh in the devilish dance of blasphemy courtship...

Cause it's much deeper than that...

and that doesn’t even bother me as much as the cynically senseless perversion of the soul severed from purpose.... to pointless.... to buy this.... consuming pleasure principalities until death do us nearly retarded

 before the grave.


It's the excuses we all make to not be NOW.  It's the mental gymnastic  we all do to avoid any threat to our egos posture.

Cause egos bruise easily

 and bruises can hurt if they don't kill you.


Unity is our revolution.

This New World Order cannot be without our constant consent.  Lets bind together to crease the intentions of the spirit of fear.  If our visions can make the decision to surge with a rhythm then creation can be ours again.  But before we learn to take back the world we have to learn to take back our minds.  The end of the world doesn’t bother me at all.  To fear we must be that bump in the night.
Cause if we fear anything we lose...

Exo psychology

from Exo-Psychology by Dr. Timothy Leary Ph.D
The egocentricity and geo-centricity of larval philosophy has over-estimated human intelligence in relationship to other forms - in particular the DNA code and the atomic nucleus.
The ultimate question is: what is the end point of biological evolution?
     The exo-psychological answer: contelligence mutates by fusing with, being absorbed by metaphysiological structures found in nuclear-quantum-gravitational force fields.
      Neurologically it could be said that the emergence of each new neural circuit involves a "death-rebirth." The Neonate infant molts and becomes the mobile child. Although the "reality" of the infant is surely different from that of the "same" individual at 18, the first brain remains linked to, part of the evolving neural network. Thus, in the evolution of the individual, the emergence of new neural circuits defines a series of incorporative re-incarnations. Metamorphoses.*
      * Exo-psychology predicts that, in the development of the individual child the activation of each unfolding circuit is preceded by a pre-molt crisis. Psychologists and educated parents in the future will learn how to anticipate and recognize the emergence of pre-molt crisis and guide the child through the unsettling phases.

      Genetics defines another, more enduring form of perpetuation. The DNA code is designed to keep itself alive, to remain immortal. If, as exo-psychology suggests, we can imprint DNA, learn how to consciously decipher RNA signals, we can experience the DNA blueprint which contains the program of neural evolution back three billion years and forward for several billion years. The DNA registers and remembers signals received by the body and the nervous system which it currently "drives." Each of us thus lives on via absorption in DNA.
      But neurological and genetic re-incarnation processes are still biological. Contelligence at the level of nerve cells and protein molecules obviously cannot compare with the scope, speed and power of elemental sub-nuclear processes.
      The egocentricity and geo-centricity of larval philosophy has over-estimated human intelligence in relationship to other forms - in particular the DNA code and the atomic nucleus. Larval science would have us believe that the universe is made up of chemical elements and atomic particles which operate in blind passivity to physical laws; that at a certain point in the history of planet earth certain molecules were accidentally induced by means of lightning bolts to form the protein-nucleotides which, through chance, began to replicate; and that through a process of random selection and mutation the biological forms evolved. The summit of this blind evolutionary process, we are told, is homo-sapiens. "Man" is believed to be the only self-conscious, intelligent form on the planet and probably in the universe!
      Exo-psychology suggests that this flattering self-appraisal is false - an error which leads both to arrogance and the frightened pessimism which characterize human philosophy.
      From the exo-psychological point of view all biological forms are transient robots created by DNA to house and transport the genetic "brain," DNA. Just as the Third-Circuit L.M. muscular mind designs and constructs machines to serve human purpose, so has DNA built fragile, replicable organisms, including humans. It is apparently difficult for the human mind to conceive of the degree to which DNA intelligence is superior to the human intellect. The complexities and time spans dealt with by DNA are as superior to human intelligence as the human is to a wind-up doll.
The great primitive exo-psychologist William Blake posed the question:
"Tyger, tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?"
The answer is DNA.
And what enduring intelligence burning bright in the forests of the night-time sky designed DNA?
      The genetic code is surely not an accidental adhesion of molecules. It is an instrumental message, an energy directive created by a meta-biological intelligence.
      This intelligence is astrophysical and galactic in scope, pervasive, ubiquitous, but miniaturized in quanta structure. Just as the multi-billion year blue-print of biological evolution is packaged within the nucleus of every cell, so may the quantum-mechanical blueprint of astronomical evolution be found in the nucleus of the atom.
      We have defined consciousness as energy received by structure. And we have defined intelligence as energy transmitted by structure. The contelligence of life-forms is shaped and limited by anatomy and organic form. Sub-atomic-gravitational force fields are obviously capable of faster, more complex and more extensive levels of consciousness and intelligence.
      Exo-psychology hypothesizes that the evolution of astro-physical structures involves a contelligence as superior to DNA as DNA is to neuron-brains.
      The direction of organic evolution now can be stated. Starting with unicell organisms, life produces a series of neural circuits and increasingly more complex and efficient bodies to transport and facilitate higher contelligence. The culmination of this biological process is the seven-circuit brain which is able to communicate with DNA, i.e. receive, integrate and transmit information at the level of RNA.
      Among the byproducts of the seven-circuit brain contelligence are telepathy and inter-species symbiosis (including symbiosis with the more advanced species which probably exist on half of the millions of inhabited planets in our local galaxy).*
* Telepathy (i.e. neuro-electric communication) is a post-terrestrial phenomenon. Telepathic communication cannot occur while we are crawling around on the bottom of a 4000 mile atmosphere ocean any more than vocal-symbolic communication can occur among marine animals. We have to crawl out of the water to activate the Third-circuit (left brain). When we leave the surface of the planet and live in free space, telepathy (Sixth circuit contelligence) will occur.

      The eighth phase of evolution is transformation of contelligence to meta-physiological, neuro-atomic structures. This quantum-mechanical process does not necessarily involve the destruction of organic memories or biological contelligence - but probably an incorporation of the neurogenetic into the nuclear-gravitational-quantum.
      Metaphysiological contelligence transceives at the speed and frequency of nuclear particles and can create matter, i.e. arrange atoms in architected patterns. Such a level of contelligence could construct pre-programmed DNA codes as simply as humans now build computer-directed manufacturing processes.
      It is, of course, almost impossible for the primitive L.M. symbolic mind to conceive of the capacities of quantum intelligence. Does not logic, however, force us to accept the probability of this Higher Form of contelligence? The only other cosmological-eschatological alternatives currently offered are:
    accidental, haphazard clustering of proteins and carbohydrates triggered by lightning bolts in the Pre-Cambrian slime leaving "man" the highest dismal form of a ruthless survival battle, or
    anthropomorphized police-court Jehovahs of monotheism
      The very fact that some primitive human beings can conceive of superior meta-physiological contelligence specifically based upon current scientific evidence encourages us to assume that Higher Contelligence can at least equal our extrapolations and empirically-based speculations. To put it bluntly, if we can figure out the possible nature of a higher quantum-mechanical Contelligence, certainly "they" who await in the genetic future can do as well or better.*
* Who are they? They are we-in-the-future.
      To summarize this summary of the 8th Eschatological Circuit: organic life evolves to become part of a metaphysiological contelligence which is nuclear-gravitational in structure, and which creates unified force-fields, galactic in scope, quantum in nature.

for beauty

who, if I cried out, would hear me among the angelic higher archey....and even if one of them simply pressed me against their heart...I would only be consumed by the strength of that stronger existance.
For Beauty is nothing but the begining of terror which we are still just able to bare. but we love it because it so serenely seeks to annhialate us.

over naked rules

LOVE groomed spaneless yawning NOW, soaked in a dizzy human soil. Who lives for the fear? fear runs

Over Naked rules. ego senses crush the childish eyes of cosmic innocence with ideas of the new LO

VE...the dark light of desire...Violently ravaged, stroked and spun as expected by the

Embrace of a becoming, Our civil fresh Eyes see not...Enough is never enough

For true lessons will be known like love..when love is known fearlessly

Undefined by think but bred to dance as free as She'll do. the love we've all inherited is young and fragile

Collected fragments of an ancient

Knowing. spilt from a breath made out way before the flesh became our intoxicant and soul a type of Music... the deep hum under the new

Sickness...the fallen love. Love is the only enemy?...ignorance is bliss.? bliss is comfort.? Love Fucks

it's a proven fact that it is the sensitive who survive. it's the sensitive who are strong. Awareness is a cold blade bath. I say bring on the pain...bring on the absolute. This life is a gift that has never belonged to anyone..I refuse to run from the fiery womb and pressed black void that made me. There's a crack in everything thats how the light gets in. Love Fucks...it's our initiation. Smile ;)

Words for Tarek (Dj Dusk)

Be without fear as the great metamorphosis begins. Fantastic and terryfying visions are illusions, laugh at them, reject them. They cannot touch you. Go beyond them and you will come to the secret of your being. WHich may seem as a dazzling brilliance, or as an awesome darkness, or as both these things and more. It is your choice to become one with this source if you so will it. It is your choice to remain seperate if you so will it. Do what you will. In seeking rebirth, seek the emanations of Love, of Vitality and Intelligence. As you did on earth. Go where there is strength and Freedom my friend.

R.aise A.nd P.resson into your name name, into your new body.

Let this be a message of psychic guidance and confidence sent to comfort all who've gone before us.

frequencies carry symbols

To my mind this implys that frequencies carry symbols which can be associated with information even experience. If this is true i´m forced to wonder what kind of sudtle information our sensitive bodys and minds are retreiveing constantly due to the High frequency technology utilized in our civilization. It also makes me think about the potential of useing sound to alter conciouness. Bringing balance to psychological imbalance. Or even exploreing the potential to heal physically.
I think it was pythagoras who is credited for documenting his thoughts on the relationship between sound,color and geometry. But I´ve never seen it in this way. Kinda makes me want to sing.

Posted By:Dman

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A mind expansion technique

Lucid Waking
A mind expansion technique

"Man is asleep; for compared to what we are capable of, our normal waking state is more like sleep-walking"
One of the greatest thinkers of the twentieth century, the Russian philosopher and mystic P.D. Ouspensky, spent almost half his life devoted to overcoming the trance of everyday reality, our encultured, conditioned, and acquired consensus state of consciousness. Ouspensky and his contemporary, Gurdjieff's notion that out ordinary states of consciousness function poorly, and that we live in a state of distorted perceptions with mechanical habits. The current scientific view of human consciousness is that we have no direct perception of anything, but we merely simulate our world. Our moods, emotional situations and physiological states of our brain alter these simulations of the world. The information of the world perceived through the 5 senses is sent to the brain in a series of nerve impulses, and triggers various electrochemical reactions. These signals are processed in ways that are still not fully understood. It is the activity of the brain that creates our experience (simulation) of the outside world. For anyone who has experienced the world in other states of consciousness, whether it be psychedelic, meditative, hypnagogic or through lucid dreaming, this view should make some sense. The lucid dreaming state is of particular interest as the state involves the conscious awareness that you are dreaming. We can learn to become conscious during dreams by using techniques devised by such people as the Tibetan dream yogis and through use of technology with lucid dream machines. Just as we can become conscious during a lucid dream in which we 'wake up' and have a fresher, cleaner and higher perception of the dream state, we can also alter our state of consensus consciousness to become more lucid. Ouspensky used a number of techniques to access states of 'wider' consciousness, in particular the self-remembering and self-observation exercises taught to him by Gurdjieff. But here we will deal with a variation of these exercises, a form of 'looking, listening and sensing', a technique that can be an effective means of awakening the sleeping senses. (Ouspensky used nitrous oxide for a period but felt that people should be able to access higher levels of consciousness through more natural methods)
The Exercise
To begin, sit in a relaxed setting whether it be in an outdoor or indoor environment, or we even begin (as Ouspensky suggested) by walking down a street. Now focus your attention on what you see, really using your eyes - not merely looking at one particular object, but slowly scanning the surroundings while concentrating you attention on what you see. Look intently at the variety of objects and colour the surroundings provide, and take on a mental attitude of being open-mindedly curious about everything you see - a bookshelf, a tree, an ornament, cracks in the wall, whatever. But there is also no need to label what you are seeing, to name objects and colours and reason them away - see them vividly, solidly, just as they are. Then , when you are as fully aware as possible of your vision, concentrate on what you can hear. Again, don't label the sounds but hear them freshly, as they are. Deliberately concentrate your attention on all incoming sound, whether it be a bird, the roar of a plane, voices, without rejecting any of the auditory stimuli. Now, while being careful not to lose any of the sensory stimuli already flowing through your eyes and ears, bring in the sense of smell, notice the odours coming from your surroundings. Again, don't become obsessed with the source of these scents, just accept them as they are. Next, to broaden the focus of your attention even further, incluse the sensations of your skin, the sense of touch, where do you feel warm or cold? notice, if you are moving, how your clothes brush against you skin, the impact of your footsteps, how the wind blows on you an eventually the feelings of tension, or movement, in your muscles and joints. You can also bring in the sensation of taste by eating strongly flavoured food, mints or chewing gum. Since vision and hearing are our dominant senses, most of your attention will go into looking and listening, but don't ignore the other sensations. Now, having focused your attention on all your sensory input for at least ten or fifteen minutes, maintain the best degree of attention you can manage and count your breathing from one to ten, then continue repeating this. If you go through Ouspensky's exercise conscientiously, you will experience an altered state of awareness known as generalised hyperaesthesia - an increased sensitivity to stimuli - a form of mind expansion without the use of drugs. Providing you make a serious effort, and regardless of how successful or unsuccessful you are in focusing all stimuli, you will realise that it is possible to expand the boundaries of our awareness, and that our senses really are asleep. In its most general form, this exercise means paying more attention to everything in your environment through deliberately concentrated attention. Even the most ordinary things can gain a subtle quality when you deliberately observe them. Through this exercise you may also experience a more 'present to reality' or here and now feeling. As a further step trying this exercise once a day may incur beneficial changes, and help improve the quality of your sensory experience of the world and to overcome the trance of everyday reality.
The Awakened Mind, Maxwell Cade & Nona Coxhead
A New Model of The Universe, P.D. Ouspensky
Tertium Organum, P.D. Ouspensky
Waking up, Charles Tart
Open mind, Desriminating mind, Charles Tart
The Strange Life of P.D. Ouspensky, Colin Wilson

Blood zapper cures

Dr. Robert C. Beck speaks about the suppression of simple technologies by goverment cartels that have been celebrated as a destroyer of all known bacteria and virus...even HIV..




build your own...

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a more perfect paradigm for relationships?

Is there a need for a more perfect paradigm for relationships?  I recently read that a concious human must seek there creator in order to take full advantage of being concious. They then become a lover of whats sacred and when they are able to see the sacred in all things then and only then do they have true Love to give..I have so much to learn.
What does a perfect relationship look and feel like?  Is marriage an 8 track way of showing reverence for a connection or partnership between two individuals in a high frequency cosmos?