Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Magick time travels..Kutmah for Cairo

I was inspired to clean my alter last night...and took pics through the you can see it's been utilized. I have symbols of most things that are sacred to me. But the time eventually comes that i have to renew the meaning of these items with some intention and attention. Notice the Kutmah pins i added to my alter after learning about my friends deportation situation.

After cleaning off the alter all that was left was the warped and battered record i randomly choose months ago to support my sacred site. David ackles isn't a musician im aware of..thats probably why i choose this record yet it seems this record had a secret agenda and meditation of it's own...

after cleaning of the record not even 20 minutes after receiving a twitter message from kutmah saying that he was "smoking hassshh..riding in a cab going 120 in cairo at 4am".. a chill and a smile emerges when i read the first song on the record...The road to Cairo!!  It seems my unconscious prayers for kutmahs safety and advancement have paid off in more ways and dimensions than i can currently count.
I'm grateful for the positive affirmation that my efforts and rituals are being embraced.

.so i drew a picture.

After a long day of sleeping.. i found myself awake and dreaming about doing something valuable with the time I've wasted i drew a picture. It means i wont be sleeping without meaning ever again. I'm grateful for the wisdom.