Friday, August 27, 2010

Signs of the Archaic revival

I see a trend intuitively occurring in super civil communities. Inspired by the heart to nurture strangers from death into poets. This tribe of organic advancement is a slice of an ancient civil nature.  There has been talk of an archaic revival.  Girls for a Change is evidence that using culture to inspire clarity and imagination may be more effective than psychedelics in the quest to transcend paradigms.  Our friend Terence may even agree. All things must change.  His and the work of other philosophers, activists, artists and shamans have brought this development to my attention.
Because of the work of shamans present and past we've been lent techniques on how to acquire the moment. Trance states arrive in the moment. Communicating with source material information.  This moment is a soil that can be seeded with intention.  In these moments grow ideas, interpretations and Culture.  Culture being the main influence on us all.  So when unconditional love enters, it's psychedelic effect guides the idea and structure of culture into more complex and effective states.  I see culture ultimately becoming our most effective tool for spiritual evolution.  Some may argue that it already is. To that i say it's not yet a meditation that sincerely guides all culture..yet.

After catalyzing reason alone into flesh. Which comes from within.  The only following step to take toward a deeper understanding of this reason is to embody it.  Which is to insert it into culture for all to toy with. External tools may not always exist in humanities spiritual environment.

NOTE TO SELF** Maybe it's time to sober up and join a community in motion.