Monday, February 7, 2011

Words for Tarek (Dj Dusk)

Be without fear as the great metamorphosis begins. Fantastic and terryfying visions are illusions, laugh at them, reject them. They cannot touch you. Go beyond them and you will come to the secret of your being. WHich may seem as a dazzling brilliance, or as an awesome darkness, or as both these things and more. It is your choice to become one with this source if you so will it. It is your choice to remain seperate if you so will it. Do what you will. In seeking rebirth, seek the emanations of Love, of Vitality and Intelligence. As you did on earth. Go where there is strength and Freedom my friend.

R.aise A.nd P.resson into your name name, into your new body.

Let this be a message of psychic guidance and confidence sent to comfort all who've gone before us.

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