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Exo psychology

from Exo-Psychology by Dr. Timothy Leary Ph.D
The egocentricity and geo-centricity of larval philosophy has over-estimated human intelligence in relationship to other forms - in particular the DNA code and the atomic nucleus.
The ultimate question is: what is the end point of biological evolution?
     The exo-psychological answer: contelligence mutates by fusing with, being absorbed by metaphysiological structures found in nuclear-quantum-gravitational force fields.
      Neurologically it could be said that the emergence of each new neural circuit involves a "death-rebirth." The Neonate infant molts and becomes the mobile child. Although the "reality" of the infant is surely different from that of the "same" individual at 18, the first brain remains linked to, part of the evolving neural network. Thus, in the evolution of the individual, the emergence of new neural circuits defines a series of incorporative re-incarnations. Metamorphoses.*
      * Exo-psychology predicts that, in the development of the individual child the activation of each unfolding circuit is preceded by a pre-molt crisis. Psychologists and educated parents in the future will learn how to anticipate and recognize the emergence of pre-molt crisis and guide the child through the unsettling phases.

      Genetics defines another, more enduring form of perpetuation. The DNA code is designed to keep itself alive, to remain immortal. If, as exo-psychology suggests, we can imprint DNA, learn how to consciously decipher RNA signals, we can experience the DNA blueprint which contains the program of neural evolution back three billion years and forward for several billion years. The DNA registers and remembers signals received by the body and the nervous system which it currently "drives." Each of us thus lives on via absorption in DNA.
      But neurological and genetic re-incarnation processes are still biological. Contelligence at the level of nerve cells and protein molecules obviously cannot compare with the scope, speed and power of elemental sub-nuclear processes.
      The egocentricity and geo-centricity of larval philosophy has over-estimated human intelligence in relationship to other forms - in particular the DNA code and the atomic nucleus. Larval science would have us believe that the universe is made up of chemical elements and atomic particles which operate in blind passivity to physical laws; that at a certain point in the history of planet earth certain molecules were accidentally induced by means of lightning bolts to form the protein-nucleotides which, through chance, began to replicate; and that through a process of random selection and mutation the biological forms evolved. The summit of this blind evolutionary process, we are told, is homo-sapiens. "Man" is believed to be the only self-conscious, intelligent form on the planet and probably in the universe!
      Exo-psychology suggests that this flattering self-appraisal is false - an error which leads both to arrogance and the frightened pessimism which characterize human philosophy.
      From the exo-psychological point of view all biological forms are transient robots created by DNA to house and transport the genetic "brain," DNA. Just as the Third-Circuit L.M. muscular mind designs and constructs machines to serve human purpose, so has DNA built fragile, replicable organisms, including humans. It is apparently difficult for the human mind to conceive of the degree to which DNA intelligence is superior to the human intellect. The complexities and time spans dealt with by DNA are as superior to human intelligence as the human is to a wind-up doll.
The great primitive exo-psychologist William Blake posed the question:
"Tyger, tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?"
The answer is DNA.
And what enduring intelligence burning bright in the forests of the night-time sky designed DNA?
      The genetic code is surely not an accidental adhesion of molecules. It is an instrumental message, an energy directive created by a meta-biological intelligence.
      This intelligence is astrophysical and galactic in scope, pervasive, ubiquitous, but miniaturized in quanta structure. Just as the multi-billion year blue-print of biological evolution is packaged within the nucleus of every cell, so may the quantum-mechanical blueprint of astronomical evolution be found in the nucleus of the atom.
      We have defined consciousness as energy received by structure. And we have defined intelligence as energy transmitted by structure. The contelligence of life-forms is shaped and limited by anatomy and organic form. Sub-atomic-gravitational force fields are obviously capable of faster, more complex and more extensive levels of consciousness and intelligence.
      Exo-psychology hypothesizes that the evolution of astro-physical structures involves a contelligence as superior to DNA as DNA is to neuron-brains.
      The direction of organic evolution now can be stated. Starting with unicell organisms, life produces a series of neural circuits and increasingly more complex and efficient bodies to transport and facilitate higher contelligence. The culmination of this biological process is the seven-circuit brain which is able to communicate with DNA, i.e. receive, integrate and transmit information at the level of RNA.
      Among the byproducts of the seven-circuit brain contelligence are telepathy and inter-species symbiosis (including symbiosis with the more advanced species which probably exist on half of the millions of inhabited planets in our local galaxy).*
* Telepathy (i.e. neuro-electric communication) is a post-terrestrial phenomenon. Telepathic communication cannot occur while we are crawling around on the bottom of a 4000 mile atmosphere ocean any more than vocal-symbolic communication can occur among marine animals. We have to crawl out of the water to activate the Third-circuit (left brain). When we leave the surface of the planet and live in free space, telepathy (Sixth circuit contelligence) will occur.

      The eighth phase of evolution is transformation of contelligence to meta-physiological, neuro-atomic structures. This quantum-mechanical process does not necessarily involve the destruction of organic memories or biological contelligence - but probably an incorporation of the neurogenetic into the nuclear-gravitational-quantum.
      Metaphysiological contelligence transceives at the speed and frequency of nuclear particles and can create matter, i.e. arrange atoms in architected patterns. Such a level of contelligence could construct pre-programmed DNA codes as simply as humans now build computer-directed manufacturing processes.
      It is, of course, almost impossible for the primitive L.M. symbolic mind to conceive of the capacities of quantum intelligence. Does not logic, however, force us to accept the probability of this Higher Form of contelligence? The only other cosmological-eschatological alternatives currently offered are:
    accidental, haphazard clustering of proteins and carbohydrates triggered by lightning bolts in the Pre-Cambrian slime leaving "man" the highest dismal form of a ruthless survival battle, or
    anthropomorphized police-court Jehovahs of monotheism
      The very fact that some primitive human beings can conceive of superior meta-physiological contelligence specifically based upon current scientific evidence encourages us to assume that Higher Contelligence can at least equal our extrapolations and empirically-based speculations. To put it bluntly, if we can figure out the possible nature of a higher quantum-mechanical Contelligence, certainly "they" who await in the genetic future can do as well or better.*
* Who are they? They are we-in-the-future.
      To summarize this summary of the 8th Eschatological Circuit: organic life evolves to become part of a metaphysiological contelligence which is nuclear-gravitational in structure, and which creates unified force-fields, galactic in scope, quantum in nature.

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