Monday, February 7, 2011

smiling paper toothed Nemesis

It’s not the crush of the new world order that terrifies me. 

 It's the promised assassination of the unfolding future spirit of humanity, tickled by creature comforts then tortured by disillusionment, til broken soaked in fear blood and tremble, spangled in shriveling obedient oblivion, Fixed on fallen wings without even a moment of refocus to regret the romance with apathy, nor the momentum to battle the death rattle choking plea drenched I's in hydraulic appease...


 And the shame is all of ours to share. 


 The end of the world doesn’t bother me a bit. 

 In fact I intend to be the first to die in this apocalypse.  So it shouldn't bother you either, just watch me. 


The waters of chaos have risen to shock and cleanse a generation on its' knees. 

 One foot always blaming the other for not standing. 

Maybe cause the soul knows that a stand takes forever, maybe cause the soul knows fear buckles understanding.


Fuck Fear the diligent dictator of this illusion.

Fuck the mediated undebateable paces built to keep you information not informed.

Fuck the hate bound vision of the officers of peace transforming their working class trigger fingers into the shivering claws of power swollen demons preying on the profiles of future faultless youth asleep in the manger of Maya.

The reactors under pressure over react. 

The Poke paralyzing our spirits hard pressed to spout volatile.

Fueled by desperate unspecific anger. 


And the shame is all of ours to share.


The side effects of poisonous slurs, slipping through uncultured fangs, pumping pores with viral malice. 


 Homeland security the fascist fatass stuffed in the booty shorts of patriotism

 and it's not sexy. 

 But within each patriot is a riot with wings

and the imagination to entertain the possibilities of nurturing a global perfection, an Eden a heaven on earth.


Fuck that nobody’s perfect talk leading to that nobody’s perfect walk. Which leads to the persecution of the spiritually diligent. 

 That’s why we don't care for our spiritual people anymore.

Why artist starve and entertainers thrive. 

We'd rather medicate genius with chemical demons. 

The soulfully sane, the indios wisdom initiated, dictated by nature recorded in the wrinkled wounds of these ancient souls. served capsulated decay to silence to ghost within the soil of the soul.


I say fuck animal rights until there are human rights. 

 Fuck going to mars to search and research for the answer to a question that’s rich in our own blood. 

Fuck the Grammy’s Emmys and all Iconic weights added to the consciousnesses of the malleable masses seeking to be as real as this month’s reality fad. 


It's not that the history of humanity may someday be possibly erased by us or some other galactic street sweeping. 

It's the thought of losing our spirit, our essence to a smiling paper toothed fear and mediocratic nemesis. 

And yes muscles must be torn hearts broken, spirits crushed before new muscle, will and meaning are born.


But I won't wear fear and pretend to flourish. 

Because it's not the militarization of police in every nation serving the sinister intentions of the CIA at a mutilating pace defacing faith and infants to protect the interests of corporate beasts while bullets bash innocent flesh in the devilish dance of blasphemy courtship...

Cause it's much deeper than that...

and that doesn’t even bother me as much as the cynically senseless perversion of the soul severed from purpose.... to pointless.... to buy this.... consuming pleasure principalities until death do us nearly retarded

 before the grave.


It's the excuses we all make to not be NOW.  It's the mental gymnastic  we all do to avoid any threat to our egos posture.

Cause egos bruise easily

 and bruises can hurt if they don't kill you.


Unity is our revolution.

This New World Order cannot be without our constant consent.  Lets bind together to crease the intentions of the spirit of fear.  If our visions can make the decision to surge with a rhythm then creation can be ours again.  But before we learn to take back the world we have to learn to take back our minds.  The end of the world doesn’t bother me at all.  To fear we must be that bump in the night.
Cause if we fear anything we lose...

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