Monday, February 7, 2011

over naked rules

LOVE groomed spaneless yawning NOW, soaked in a dizzy human soil. Who lives for the fear? fear runs

Over Naked rules. ego senses crush the childish eyes of cosmic innocence with ideas of the new LO

VE...the dark light of desire...Violently ravaged, stroked and spun as expected by the

Embrace of a becoming, Our civil fresh Eyes see not...Enough is never enough

For true lessons will be known like love..when love is known fearlessly

Undefined by think but bred to dance as free as She'll do. the love we've all inherited is young and fragile

Collected fragments of an ancient

Knowing. spilt from a breath made out way before the flesh became our intoxicant and soul a type of Music... the deep hum under the new

Sickness...the fallen love. Love is the only enemy?...ignorance is bliss.? bliss is comfort.? Love Fucks

it's a proven fact that it is the sensitive who survive. it's the sensitive who are strong. Awareness is a cold blade bath. I say bring on the pain...bring on the absolute. This life is a gift that has never belonged to anyone..I refuse to run from the fiery womb and pressed black void that made me. There's a crack in everything thats how the light gets in. Love's our initiation. Smile ;)

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