Monday, February 7, 2011

Boxcutter Angst

Boxcutter Angst
Box cutter Angst. Round one: When I heard that box cutters were involved with the Hijacking of the planes in 9-11 I thought...To me Box cutters will forever be associated with terrorism...Symbols of terrorism...But what the hell is terrorism a symbol of... Frustration, Fear? I set out to understand the anatomy of a symbol. A symbol that’s given its value by association with an experience. Branding...Marketing Psychological warfare whatever you want to call it. But branding is also a Phenomenon in nature. Any experience or level of understanding can be recalled by connecting the experience with a symbol. A drawn sketch, an existing object or an imaginary beast. Or like the sun which creates a unique reaction in every life form that we know of. The sun gives light, light lets you see where you couldn't just before. The sun gives heat, Comforting wrap. The Father and mother of the bloom, the kiss of life, and the sun also gives the imagination a symbol to associate with the sunning happening. When confronted with any other experience that can be described as being similar to the experience the sun conjures, the sun symbol can be perfectly utilized and understood as a reference. Yes. and it's true that the sun is simply the son of the source of light which is archetypal and somewhat unconceivable without an understanding of the wisdom and power of metaphors.

Round two: It occurred to me that the crucifix was one of the worlds most influential symbols. What if it were edible? Would people know how to respond to the possibility of consuming such a powerful symbol? I can imagine it given me, personally, a sort of charge knowing that I now had the power to redefine the meaning of Christianity by consuming the symbol in meditation. Would I bite off the feet and pretend to be forever consuming perfection? would I vomit regret and shame instantly? I bet it could have any effect I wanted it to…consciously or unconsciously. Its all how you define and how much value you associate with the symbol. Lending your faith and will to the meaning of the symbol to some effect.

TKO: Terrorism cannot be defined. Yet we live in a world were many powers that directly influence the fate of the planet believe somehow that they must seek out and eliminate all “terrorism”. By defining terrorism in flux. Which can make for no dam definition at all. Anyone can qualify or absolutely not qualify as a terrorist if the definers are conmen. I wanted to give my people the power to redefine terrorism. By making an edible symbol of terrorism I hoped to create a magical tool to take back our right to give or take life energy to or from such symbols of fear. To create an opportunity to meditate on and redefine the definition of terrorism as we consume the symbol. The Box cutter wasn’t born as a Symbol of the complete bloody up heave and burn in the world. Its necessary for us to be reminded that it is our experience and will, not the media, that give weight to definition. The chocol8 box cutter is my gift to the world. A magical, tangibly rendered sigil that can be infused with all of your fears of little men with box cutters and body bombs on public transportation, then eaten and overcome. Engineering Culture... It's fun and educational.


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