Thursday, August 27, 2015

In response to a friends reference to God as a woman.
Cause: I write this blog in case anyone else has the same thoughts expressed in the first comment of my last blog entry. First, I think the more we experience The Source consciously, the more we realize how much words limit what exactly IT is. Words really can not describe It's Essence fully because The Source is limitless. However... I use both, him and her, when refering to the Source. They are really inter-changeable. Thats why i use She in my other poem (Revelation 3:2) I choose to express Him sometimes because when female and male come together in True Love its like yin and yang... Union (69 is use as symbol for this many times). And I am a Female... so it is natural for me to refer to "my other half" as Him. Thats why i have a particular liking for that expression at times. But BOTH are equally powerful and One of the same Effect: You exhibit a deep understanding of the metaphoric Universe. Not many are able to comprehend the true relationship manifested in the masculine and femanine principles at play. The key words being Metaphoric and Play. When opposites come to gather they make off spring. Life/reality is the off spring of an etheric relationship in bloom. Womb=tomb.. source of all things is a void. core of the cosmos=Womb of our world. It's the womb that gives form to force. Form is the manefestation a disciplined force. Life cannot be without the severity of this discipline. True force dosen't travel in a straight line, but in a curve that transverses the universe until it returns to it's source. To me, woman have curves because they have inherited the femenine principle of containing and nurtureing the masculine dynamic force. Whether that be exhibited in the form of sperm entering the womb or a manefestation of femanine wisdom in art forms such as aikido and capoeira. Which uses circles to contain, collect and distribute energy as opposed to boxing which is based on lines of force and thrust. In my study of the Kabbalah... Chokmah represents the masculine aspect of creation...Which at the same time acknowledges the fact that creation can not be without his mate, Binah or Shekinah in honest collapse. Intimate harmony..69. I took me years to see past the patriarical force supressing the wisdom of the femanine blaze. I really pray that Religion/civalization is able to update it's language to include this truth into the paradigm directing the critical mass. Especially if we're to overcome the press of venomous machismo devouring our planet. I recognize you..You should meditate constantly..your ascended masters are reaching for you. Give them your fearless fate and don't let your current faith keep you from translateing their honesty thus touching all the lives your meant to reach...Faith has been known to create experiences that inturn support the faith..Love is it's own experience..truth is love and beyond any current system of belief we can fabricate in our wildest word.Marcus

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