Thursday, September 10, 2009

What is Culture?

Culture is software. Belief systems are operating systems. Cultural conditioning controls perspective. Local operating systems are sent to prescribe behavior.The business of political systems is to convince you that these operating systems are reality. Convince you it was sent from God and is beyond critique. Dissolving cultural conditioning is the first step toward becoming a potent member of society.

Culture, like Words, are a means of obtaining understanding about the nature of reality and the potential of being.

The fact remains that words in themselves are not truth or understanding nor is culture. We pass through language into a landscape of association and symbolism, into a landscape of emotion and energy. The same is true enough for Culture, We can use culture to obtain an understanding of what it means to be human. By using Culture to create human experience; utilizing it as a tool to refine our perspective and evolve into different states of awareness.

Unfortunately, In most instances, Culture is not your friend. Culture provides a perspective so that you dont have to develop your own. It provides mythology so that you dont have to think for yourself. Desolving boundaries is the only real culture worth nurturing. Hip Hop is a Culture that has exhibited it's powerful potential to dissolve boundaries.

Do we de-solve boundaries in order to create new boundaries? I'd argue that this is apart of the process of evolution. New dogma always replaces old Dogma..the truth is light years ahead of us all and refuses to be held down by perspective. When new information is introduced into our hearts and minds that knowledge should be used to help us describe reality a little see a little clearer...for ourselves. In this golden age of instant information. New information and answers to any question imaginable is only a key stroke away. Ignorance is no longer a valid excuse for Neoteny (look it up).

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