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Jay Z, the Occult and What secrets??

There is speculation about Jay Z's contributions to a "secret" agenda nurtured by a "secret" class of influential citizens who have come to be known as the Illuminati.

I wanted to take a moment and address the idea that Freemasonry or any Magical order has anything to offer that is in fact "secret" and cant be studied in your local library or on the web with little effort. Therefore discrediting any arguments that suggest that Jay Z or any member of any secret society has a knowledge only accessible to members of the society ( with the exception of the knowledge that may come with the experience of being involved with a magical order).

Occultism is the study of occult or hidden wisdom. To the occultist it is the study of "Truth", a deeper truth that exists beneath the surface: A truth hidden in plain sight. It can involve such subjects as magic (alternatively spelled and defined as magick), alchemy, extra-sensory perception, astrology, spiritualism and numerology. There is often a strong religious element to these studies and beliefs, and many occultists profess adherence to religions such as Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Luciferianism, Thelema, Neopaganism and now Hip Hop. While Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam are generally not considered occult, some of their modern interpretations can be, as the interpretation of Hinduism within Theosophy or the various occult interpretations of the Jewish Kabbalah. Orthodox members of such religions are likely to consider such interpretations false; For example, the Kabbalah Centre has been criticised by Jewish scholars. *(partial excerpt from

The word Occult exists to describe a very basic way of thinking about belief systems, consciousness and nature. Most of these ideas have been witch hunted out of the paces of modern society, replaced by a culture of materialism, nationalism encouraged by sports fanaticism and sexual exploitation. Except for the magical orders (freemasonry) that have maintained an applied interest in ancient occult ideas. This application of these concepts by power poisoned influential students of the occult can be said to be the cause of civilizations cultural decay into its affinity for fetish objects and distraction. Which leaves these students referred to as the "Illuminated ones" when we all have access to this so called hidden knowledge. I believe that if this occult knowledge, this indigenous knowledge can be used to refine the Hip Hop culture then we will begin to see a new kind of empowered creativity emerging. An archaic revival inspiring a return to a communal even tribal vision of society and that societies relationship with Nature. Occult ideas foremost being based on knowledge and experience with ones own mind and will. It's easy to see how this wisdom would lend the Hip Hop culture a path to deeper insight into the purpose and potential of culture as a whole. This fresh understanding of our relationship with the pure noble spirit that inspired the creation of Hip Hop culture and all life everywhere will be the first real step into true Occult knowledge.

My interest in the occult is inspired by a longing to expose my consciousness to more rudimentary concepts about the nature of reality and our relationship with it. Yet to those who may not have this hunger for whats hidden or Occult to the rigid mind remains a source of fear and scrutney. In this respect I believe its every ones responsibility as a human being born knowing nothing, to earnestly seek to know everything in this rare life moment. Therefore in my eyes, Jay Z's interest in the Occult is a mature and natural one.

I do for one believe that Jay Z is presenting Ideas propagated by Freemasonry with Occult symbolism such as throwing up the
"All seeing eye"

, Rhiannas presentation of the lite torch in the video "Run this town" (In the words of Freemason Manly Palmer Hall, "the torches represent the Occult arts and sciences, the doctrines and dogmas by the light of which Truth is made visible." Occultist Edourd Schure had this to say concerning Lucifer and his flaming torch, "Lucifer, having regained his star and his diadem, will assemble his legions for new works of creation. Attracted by his flaming torch, celestial spirits will descend...and he will send these messengers from unknown spheres to earth. Then the torch of Lucifer will signal 'From Heaven to Earth!' - and the...Christ will answer 'From Earth to Heaven!" )
Even the graphic designs on recent Roca Wear clothing clearly warms this speculation with its use of obvious Occult symbolism.

But, What is it that Jay Z is trying to communicate? Is he simply so fascinated by his new brotherhood that he, not unlike a kid with a new toy, feels the need to rub it's symbols into everything he does? Does he truly know what these ancient symbols are conjuring in his life on a conscious level? In my opinion, as an Initiate into the mystery schools, jay z's display of honest arrogance would not be an ideal path.
Pursuing a relationship with his Holy guardian Angel or Higher self is the purest purpose of making oneself acquainted with Occult or "Hidden" doctrine. Not to say that there are other purposes possible...
( if he is conscious of which path he is traveling. more power to him... Otherwise it's the dark carnal path that animates his swagger. A swagger emulated by youth the world over. Jay Z maybe on a path populated by deliberate perversion and decay all in preparation for communion with Choronzon (which can also lead to enlightenment, even if you do end up in a straight jacket).

If Jay Z is in fact studying with any passion at all the work of Occult engineers such as Peter j. Carroll, Aleister Crowley, John Dee, Eliphas Levi and Austin Osman Spare, he has been introduced to the concepts that have inspired the magical application of occult knowledge to modern Corporate Advertising, consumerism and Mind Control (control of your own mind being paramount). If he is studying Aleister Crowley, who coined the phrase "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, love is the law, Love under Will" as J.Z.'s hoodie above suggests, he may be following in the footsteps of L. Ron Hubbard who was also a student of Crowley. We all know how that turned out. (What Scientology teaches, and what Hubbard learned from Crowley, many dont know.)

As a student of Crowley Jay z would also be familiar with his ideas about sex magic which Crowley grew to revere above all ritual. Often using it to reach gnosis when he sought to energize his magical will. Study of Crowley would also lead me to speculate whether Jay Z has experimented with homosexuality, which is encouraged in masonary as well as other Magical Orders. Possibly to encourage overall tolerance on this path to find ones true will. It may also be a tool used to trample what one may consider sacred in a jesture of empowering the prime self, or used to demean the initiate.

Just a thought....To keep it in perspective, its more likely that Jay Z was introduced to Freemasonry by an elder with the intention of using his influence on pop culture. "Tapped" By members that may see Jay Z as a viable asset to their agenda as a malleable mouth piece and contemporary Demigod. Promising him fortune and power even an immortality not yet imagined beyond his current paradigm. Which is short sighted to me considering that Hip Hop is the newest form of "secret" order with the anatomy of a Magical Order without all the pretension. Hip Hop is also a million times more intuitive and informed by spirit, being that it was manifested out of youthful angst and an innocent creative energy. It's disenchanting to realize that Jay Z is one of the cultures most influential artists yet he has trouble recognizing Hip Hops true potential.
Has Jay Z considered sacrificing his former life as a contributor to a Hip Hop that nurtured him to shuffle amongst a dieing league of Egomaniacal toy sorcerers? Stale soulless shamans who may have plans to imprison the will of the human spirit all over the earth? Whether or not this is the case is not a real concern of mine. But whether or not he perpetuates the myth that secret knowledge is beyond the grasp of the everyday bboy is my concern.

All forms of mysticism or occult knowledge originate from Indigenous forms of shamanism. Every indigenous culture the world over holds space for a medicine man, healer, tribe seer or holy person. These individuals were expected to be mediators between the tangible world and the intangible. It's said their power came from forming alliances with spirits, elementals and ancestors. Which they would call to aid and guide them in their work. Creating these alliances called for them to enter the subconscious state also known as a trance or Gnosis. This is where they believed these privileges became accessible. As language coupled with experiences of these states developed over time, all over the world, ways to describe these states and how to reach them became more elaborate. Some created ritualistic ways of reaching gnosis and effecting change in the world. Orders were formed, brotherhoods, Covens and Cults.

Without going into the advent of western occult history by way of Chaldean, Gnostic, Tantric, Taoist and Egyptian mysticism it can be said that all occult knowledge is still based on this ancient relationship with archtypes and ancestor worship. What ever knowledge that may be considered secret at this time has been fabricated to complement a specific paradigm created by the purveyor or engineers of the culture/Cult. Crowley knew this, and was inspired to start his own Order away from the OTO and Freemasonry.

If Jay Z is only now discovering these ideas, then I say good for him. His intentions remain between him and creation. He must know that the paradigm of the Masonic agenda has not evolved out of its patriarchal fetish since its creation. This makes it a flawed culture to me, and one that has little to offer the emerging paradigm that embraces the feminine Archetype of creation. The true seat of force in this dimension. Without this understanding he also has little to add to the essence of the Hip Hop Culture which is also evolving.

Jay Z will soon know what higher level Masons already know. That there are many like me who see the end of contemporary culture as a whole fast approaching. Soon there will be no need for Pop Icons to guide consciousness. No need for belief systems (BS), trends and agendas to cloud the child like brilliance of world wide superconciousness and compassion. There will be Nothing for "Secret Societies" to control. Stagnate Culture as we know it will soon be replaced be a renewed sense of personal culture. This is evident in the powerful production of quality art and occult inspired cultural movements being manifested in basements all over the world with little references from popular culture or any other influences besides their own interior experience. The references pulled from pop culture will be used to create new symbols of a new age with new rituals and Icons. This is the mature counter anti culture that approaches. It is also evidence of the advent of a higher state of awareness. An awareness that reaches for essence, that takes responsibility for its own actions and embraces intention over emotion based on past references. Inspiring a real awareness of our relationship with the planet and Universe, with a compassion for life at it's most basic level, for pure consciousness. After all thats all that we are. I dont believe there are any secrets except the one we keep from ourselves. Culturally it's difficult to open ourselves to this internal dialogue, but with time it's absolutely what we have to look forward to.

I personally think it's about time that Artist begin to get aquianted with the Dogma tainted social structures, their symbolism, and schemes of generating mass cultural hallucinations through the use of Sigils/branding and Neuro Linguistic Programing and use these gameplans for their own agenda. In this sense Jay Z, with his implied interest in the occult may be way ahead of other artist in the Hip Hop Culture. But his use of old symbols tells me that he is not having new experiences and not aware of the new symbols he's capable of creating with those experiences and thus a slave to the old rancid symbol sets of Freemasonary.

In conclusion, I do believe that Jay Z has a fascination with the occult, He maybe even a " member" of the Masons. But, if he truly wants to "Run this town" hes gonna have to eat through the racist back side of Albert Pike and many other perverted shamans populating the depths of greed to hold hands with the Dragons that "Run this Town" at present. But they can only Run us if we run with them. If we vote with our money wisely..Continue to be students of our own experience on earth with humility and compassion..we will change the way they do business and we will run this town for the first time ever.

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